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Paul Samson, aka. PSO is a Nigerian Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is the founder of G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (BN 2453653).

G-Cyber Technologies provides ICT services, web solutions and pro internet marketing. Paul Samson launched his first networking program, coolnaira.com, in March 2016. Currently, Over fifty thousand Nigerians have benefited financially from the referral based marketing program and the program has been running effectively since its inception without any symptom of crashing. Paul Samson also launched a Charity Organization aimed at helping the less privileged and giving back to the society.

The organization has empowered many Nigerians and several orphanage homes and IDP camps had been visited since 2016 till date. He is also the brain behind nnu.ng, a news and entertainment portal that features aggregated news and educative contents. The platform also shares its monthly revenue with members through NNU income program and over seven hundred thousand Nigerians are currently participating in this program due to its high lucrative nature.

He is also the founder and the chief executive producer of DYH Records Ltd. ® RC 1538831. A music recording label coined from one of the fabulous music groups in Nigeria “DYH Crew”.

He is one of the legends who sees maintaining the status quo as a symptom of abnormality, he is always filled with the spirit of boundless possibility, which is one of the factors behind the rapid growth of the music label beyond the music industry.

Paul Samson is a selfless and successful net entrepreneur who had taught, trained, mentored, coached and impacted many Nigerians in various internet related fields. The Good news is that he is not yet tired of teaching and you could be the next person to benefit remarkably from his humanitarian services. He created different initiatives to share his knowledge with Nigerians about various genuine ways of making money online and to ensure multiple or alternative stream of income for everyone and become successful in any chosen or yet to chose field of networking. Paul Samson is aware of the fact that there are many people who are still struggling to make it big online and hence the major reason behind his offer and Blueprint.

Do you wish to make money genuinely online? Are you still in a state of decision paralysis as regards the online money making option you would like to opt for? Or have you chosen one but not yet successful in it? If yes, I highly recommend you to grab his Internet Business Blueprint Offer and take advantage of Paul Samson’s FREE home based business training resource and leverage off his over 5 years of internet business experience. And when you do, you could see yourself achieving all your dreams with less pressure.

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